About DecentrAcademy

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: DecentrAcademy’s goal is to help members of the Decentraland community become involved on multiple levels by giving them the tools and resources they need to go beyond the user role and become creators and teachers themselves.

Vision Statement: Decentraland community members will find joy in learning at DecentrAcademy, and will contribute their personal skill sets and expertise to build an expansive library collection. DecentrAcademy students will go on to become DecentrAcademy teachers and advocates, and will continue updating DecentrAcademy as Decentraland develops.

Our Curriculum

Currently, our curriculum focuses on skills related to Blender and wearable creation in Decentraland. As DecentrAcademy and the library grows, we hope to include content on building with the SDK, exploring Decentraland, and understanding the Marketplace and DAO.

Become a DecentrAcademy Student

Everyone can be a student at DecentrAcademy! The learning materials and practice resources are available to all Decentraland community members via through our library 24/7.

Ready to prove your skills? Let us know you're ready to take the certification test by filling out the preregistration form below.

Current Certification Offerings

  • Blender 101: Students show an understanding of introductory Blender skills, as well as wearable requirements and publishing rules in Decentraland by answering questions and creating a basic upper body or feet wearable. The wearable submitted may be displayed in the DecentralWear Community Center Art Hall &/or DecentrAcademy Library.